Modular box bed

We designed this bed for our eldest child – at the moment it’s part-bed-part-playroom that she shares with her little brother, but later in life as she grows up it can be transformed into part-bed-part-study with a bolt-on desk and drawers, it can become a dining table with bench seats if she needs it, an outdoor chillout space or a fully grown-up four poster.

The steel frame & the base itself is perforated with 20mm holes which makes the Uber bed perfect set up for bolt-on extras. We’ve designed a bedhead with bedside table that just slots into the base, a bookshelf and a desk unit with two drawers and even a chest of drawers – but we can basically make anything or you can fashion something yourself & simply bolt it on the frame.

Each bed comes with three wooden pegs hand-turned from recycled hardwood – perfect for hanging a potted plant or your favourite hat.

We can also make a version with storage under the base, and gas struts that lift the base & mattress so that you can easily access the space underneath.

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