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If you’d like to talk about your project or get a quote, give our team a call or fill out our form below.

We understand that you’re probably in research mode right now, and that you might be well into the design and costing of your project or just in the very early stages of dreaming about what might be possible.

Sometimes the first time we hear from a client they already have all their plans and permits lined up and even have a Bill of Quantities in place. These clients not only know exactly what they want, they also have a very good idea of what it will cost. But at other times our clients contact us when they’re still throwing around ideas and have no idea what budget they’ll need yet.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for a chat about your project no matter what stage you’re at. We believe it’s better to start talking to your builder as soon as possible, and we are always happy to point you towards a good designer or planner if you need one, or even to other builders or carpenters if we think that our skill sets are not the best fit for your project.

If you fill in the form below, one of our team will give you a call back within a couple of days. The next step is generally a site visit and conversation about possibilities with Jeremy or Adrian. Often they can give you a ballpark price on the spot.

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