Sawhorse is a small family carpentry & construction business led by Adrian Stewart, a registered building practitioner. We specialise in high quality construction projects & love to bring our clients ideas to life.

From a large-scale extension or complete new build to your perfect bathroom, Adrian can translate architects construction drawings or a back-of-a-napkin sketch with equal ease. He’ll work with you to find a way to create something that is just right for you & for your home.

Upon request our in-house design team can collaborate with your architect or designer to maximise the environmental performance and thermal comfort of your home, or to make sure we find the most efficient way to approach your build. We can also create 3D models to help you visualise your ideas, design small elements of your build or resolve tricky technical details.

Adrian takes a massive amount of pride in building things that stand the test of time. He loves making things with new materials & fresh design as well as reviving traditional methods & processes. He is happy to help you specify sustainable materials & reduce the overall environmental impact of your home.

Adrian is a logistics whiz with a strong background in the project management and delivery of large scale, complex domestic building projects. He’s also a craftsperson at heart. This means that he understands the importance of detail, and has the discipline to hold the big picture while ensuring that the little things are done just right.