Sawhorse is a construction company that specialises in high quality custom projects & making the most out of tiny spaces.

Give us a call about your project today, we love to bring our clients’ ideas to life.

Feel free to get in contact whether you’re still trying to work out where to make a start on your project or well down the track with plans & specs ready to go. We will work with you each step of the way to find a way to create something that is just right for you & your home.

Our team have significant design training and we all speak fluent architect. We understand the common barriers to delivering the design vision and how best to avoid them. We can help you find the perfect person to design your project or we can collaborate with your designer to make sure we find the most efficient and cost-effective way to approach your build. Whether you choose to work with a designer, draftsperson or an architect – we will make sure we deliver every element of your design exactly as intended.

We take a massive amount of pride in building things that stand the test of time. We love making things with new materials & fresh design as well as reviving traditional methods & processes. We are happy to help you specify sustainable materials & find ways to reduce the overall environmental impact of your home.

Adrian and our construction team are logistics whizzes with a strong foundation in the project management and delivery of large scale, complex domestic and commercial building projects. We also put craft at the heart of all our projects. This means that we understand the importance of detail, and have the discipline to hold the big picture while ensuring that the little things are done just right.

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